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10 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring An IT Company 

Are you starting a new business venture? If so, your organisation’s IT needs and security is something you can’t just overlook.

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Are you starting a new business venture? If so, your organisation’s IT needs and security is something you can’t just overlook. We are now living in a digital world where businesses’ most precious assets and data are all stored.

in digital realms that can be penetrated by cyber criminals. Your daily operations are most likely all done using computers and different types of software, which means, unfortunately, sometimes tech issues arise.  

An IT support provider is essential not just for new startups but also for established businesses. With managed IT support services from a reputable IT support company like Bold IT, your organisation will be set up and prepared for all types of IT and computer issues. 

But how do you choose an IT support provider who you can trust to handle all your needs? What should you consider before hiring one? What questions should you ask? At Bold IT, we are here to help and give you insights into the must-ask questions before hiring an IT company. 

1. What Does the IT Support Do? 

IT support does many different things. IT support is often referred to as technical support and it plays a crucial role in maintaining and troubleshooting all types of businesses’ technological infrastructure. Organisations will hire a third-party IT support provider to perform a variety of services, with some of the most prominent including:

Helpdesk support

IT support services can be performed remotely through a helpdesk with an array of issues solved in no time. 


Computer IT support also encompasses regular maintenance of IT systems to ensure they function smoothly.  

Cyber Security

Network and dark web monitoring, security awareness training, implementing firewalls and email security solutions are all part of protecting businesses from cyber threats and criminals. 

Network Management

Guaranteeing consistent connectivity and addressing any network-related issues. 

Cloud Migration

Helping to save you money by allowing remote access to data for employees with reliable and flexible cloud migration. 

These are just some of the services and solutions granted with IT support. Not every business will require all aspects of IT support, and the specialists at Bold IT tailor the right support for each organisation. 

2. What’s Your Response Time? 

When disaster strikes, you need a quick response and the right solution to fix the problem. When partnering with an IT support provider, you need to ask them and receive honest feedback on their response times. When computers, software or other IT systems go down, so does your business productivity which leads to poor customer service and loss of profit. Ensure your IT support provider is there whenever you need them. It could even be in the middle of the night and outside business hours – Bold IT offers 24/7 support for businesses with leading response times, whether you contact us by phone, email or submit a ticket via our helpdesk. 

3. Do You Explain What You’re Doing? 

Nobody likes technical jargon or misunderstanding how to solve problems. You’ll need a reputable IT support company that explains things to you clearly and doesn’t treat you like you’re an idiot! No matter the issue, big or small, find yourself an IT support provider that treats you respectfully, outlining how they are helping. Bold IT is that top choice and provides IT training to get your employees up to speed on aspects that truly matter.  

4. How Will My Network and Data Be Safe? 

Enquire about their strategies for protecting your data and IT infrastructure from cyber threats. This question is one of the most important ones to ask because the last thing you’ll want is to sign up with a provider just for your assets and data to be stolen, or your infrastructure succumbing to viruses.  

5. What is Your Experience in Our Industry? 

You need managed IT support services that are suited for your industry or sector. If you can’t find a provider who is proficient in your business world, then move on. Each sector will have individual intricacies that require dedicated support and the right solutions, from law firms, education, finance service providers, manufacturers and more, the right IT support for each type of business is essential.  

6. Can You Provide Me References to Other Businesses You’ve Helped? 

Don’t just take their word for it, look for reviews and references from other businesses that have hired IT support providers to back up what they tell you. Like with everything, good reviews can make a huge difference. Bold IT has a high reputation thanks to our technicians helping those in need. We have a wide range of success stories of how we’ve helped all manner of organisations with our IT support. 

7. How Do You Stay Updated with the Latest Technology and Industry Trends? 

It’s all well and good to have an IT support company that can solve current issues, but technology is always evolving, and the need for a company that evolves alongside significant changes is important. What can be solved today may not be the case tomorrow. 

8. Can You Scale Your Services with My Business? 

Determine if the IT support provider can assist you in long-term IT planning and if they can scale their services appropriately with your business growth. Your business may not need all the support and services on offer at Bold IT, but when the time comes, we can tailor our services, matching them perfectly as your business expands.  

9. What is Your Process for Disaster Recovery and Data Backup? 

Discuss how the managed IT support services coincide with recovering lost or stolen data. In emergency cases, this aspect of computer IT support is a necessity to protect your business and employees, as well as keep operations running smoothly. 

10. How Much Does IT Support Cost? 

The last thing you want is hidden costs and not getting your money’s worth. Many IT support companies hit businesses with hidden expenditures or simply don’t deliver what they promise.  

Bold IT provides tailored IT support and services to your business with no hidden costs. You get exactly what you pay for with us, and we even offer quarterly business reviews to help keep track of your progress to highlight any issues or areas of improvement. 

Get in touch with Bold IT today to discuss your IT support needs. Call us on 01827 909 143 or email We’re here to help.  

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