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8 Ways Hardware Leasing Can Benefit The Education Sector 

Hardware leasing can be a great solution for the Education sector and can help spread the cost of expensive equipment. Read our latest blog post to find out the benefits.

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Computer leasing for education is an increasingly popular alternative to outright purchasing. This flexible setup offers a range of benefits for educational organisations of all kinds, especially in terms of ensuring compliance with the Department for Education’s digital and technology standards. In this blog post, we’re going to run through the top eight ways that computer leasing for schools and education sector organisations can help.  

The Top 8 Reasons To Lease Computers For Education  

01 – Access the Latest Tech  

Getting the latest hardware for your pupils can really help enhance their learning experience and set them up for success, and is a key part of meeting the digital and technology standards set out by the Department for Education. These standards mean that your school needs to provide up-to-date, functional IT hardware for both pupils and staff, as well as other digital requirements such as Wi-Fi and cloud software.  

However, price barriers can make this difficult. A hardware subscription service offers an affordable solution, giving your staff and pupils access to the latest generation of learning and teaching technology for affordable, regular payments.  

02 – Spread Your Costs  

Paying outright for large quantities of hardware of any level can be extremely expensive and leave even those schools that can afford it very short for the rest of their financial year. With hardware subscriptions, you can spread the cost of computer leasing for education, breaking your expenses down into smaller chunks.  

03 – Expert Support  

When you lease computers for education, you also usually get access to expert support from your subscription provider. Rather than having to rely on often questionable manufacturer support, you can tap into the dedicated expertise of your hardware provider, which will help keep your hundreds of PCs operational from one end of the school year to the other.  

04 – Fixed Payments  

Hardware subscription agreements come with the benefit of dependability. Your costs will not only be spread for affordability, but they will also be predictable. Your agreement will include a clear payment schedule letting you know well in advance what needs to be paid and when so you can plan your budgets with ease.  

05 – Tailored Payment Schedules  

Computer leasing for schools and education providers allows for the creation of tailored payment schedules, meaning you can agree with your hardware subscription provider to pay at times that work best with your cash flow. This can help to avoid you being left short for large chunks of the academic year.  

06 – Free-Up Cash  

Having your funds tied up in expensive outright purchases can leave you with little to spend on other areas of your school. With a subscription service, you can keep more of your cash year to year and invest it more evenly across your organisation.  

07 – Upgrade with Ease  

If you buy your hardware, what happens to it when it becomes old and worn out or just outdated in a few years? Well, with computer leasing for education, you won’t have to answer that question. Once your kit reaches the end of its useful lifespan, you can easily upgrade all your hardware for the latest generation through your subscription provider.  

08 – Better Cost Efficiency  

With a hardware subscription, you’ll usually pay less than the total value of all the products and services you receive. This is because you’ll probably only use your hardware for its useful life before upgrading and have access to a range of additional benefits such as insurance and tech support all bundled into one package. This makes subscriptions a more cost-efficient option than outright purchase, where every product and service must be bought outright and at full cost.  

Lease Computers For Education With Bold IT 

Computer leasing for education couldn’t be easier and more cost effective than with Bold IT. We offer access to some of the latest technology, helping to enhance your pupils’ learning, make teaching more effective and dynamic and ensure you meet Department for Education requirements.  

To learn more about our hardware subscription options just reach out to our friendly team today or book a discovery call where we can discuss your needs in detail.  

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