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Bold IT – Reflecting on the Most Incredible 12 Months of Business

2022 has been a remarkable year. We’ve grown in every way, from our business IT support services to employee appreciation and have even undergone a full

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2022 has been a remarkable year. We’ve grown in every way, from our business IT support services to employee appreciation and have even undergone a full rebrand to reflect how far we’ve come.

We are proud of the progress we’ve made as a business both professionally and culturally, helping our employees and the local community thrive as a result of our success. Read on to find out exactly why 2022 has been so important for us as a business.

Emboldening your business IT proactively since 1993

In 1993, we opened our doors on Boldmere high street. Aptly named “Boldmere Computers”, our goal was to make IT more accessible to the public, a goal we are proud to say we achieved!

However, after decades of loyal IT support to Birmingham businesses, we’ve realised we were beginning to expand beyond our roots. Now, we keep businesses operating at maximum capacity up and down the UK, and even internationally.

What this means is that the locality of our previous name, “Boldmere IT Solutions”, and its implication is no longer applicable to our business model, aspirations, and current offerings. However, we don’t want to forget our roots, even as we expand into a new age of our business.

As such, this month we are celebrating our rebrand to “Bold IT”, a name that both honours our legacy and reflects our newer ambitions and offerings. This year has been a landmark in our business, but it is also just the beginning.

Business IT support and service expansion

Over the last 12 months, we have experienced an 80% growth in business. In that time, we have completed 5,800 service tickets for our clients, have started supporting businesses internationally, and fulfilled 40 full infrastructure projects.

Almost doubling in size after 30 years of trading is no easy feat, but it was made possible thanks to the expansion of the portfolio of services we provide to our clients and the hard work of our engineers.

Providing comprehensive business IT support means you need to cover every possible aspect of tech for your clients, and we now achieve that handily. For example, in response to the consumer demand to inhouse technology, we developed our comprehensive business IT support to help businesses stay connected at all times.

We even installed a Starlink service for one of our clients with a rural office location to help provide them with the best possible internet and connectivity service on the market!

Giving back to the local community

Our business growth has also facilitated our work with several local educational and charitable organisations.

Firstly, we sourced and donated a brand-new PC system to Minworth Junior and Infants School in Sutton Coldfield to help with the production of a brand-new library facility on the premises. We also donated a new projector and screen for the teachers while their classrooms were being renovated and they had to teach in the church next door, which had no technological facilities.

We partnered with The Hive College in Birmingham to provide professional opportunities to those with learning difficulties, giving them experience in our office and allowing them to talk with our engineers to develop their IT skills. In fact, our business development manager, Lorraine, participated in an interview preparation and business development day at the college to help the students improve their future opportunities.

Our office also acted as a hub for the YMCA Christmas Shoe-Box Appeal last year, so people could deliver their donations to us, and we would then donate them all in bulk to the charity.

Lastly, we participated in a scheme with one of our clients to help supply new IT equipment to those displaced in the defence of Ukraine. We helped to wipe and organise the systems so that they were ready to be dispatched.

Our staff will always come first

We don’t forget that the reason we are able to celebrate the successes of 2022 is largely down to our support engineers and their client-facing work. Their dedication does not go unnoticed, and we are proud to have supported them through difficult times this year.

Firstly, we provide every staff member with a corporate gym membership contribution to help them save money and exercise effectively, helping both their mental and physical health. We also paid each of our staff a £500 cost of living crisis bonus as a lump sum to help ease current economic struggles.

We are also proud of our new “Celebrating Success” scheme, which was implemented this year, giving our employees the chance to recognise and promote each other’s hard work.

Once a month, every team member can nominate someone to our rewards scheme because of their work, which could earn the nominated employee up to £1,000 in cash or vouchers. We also operate “instant nominations” where our team can be rewarded on the spot for their hard work.

Moving forward, each employee has the chance to earn up to £3,000 as part of this reward scheme every year.

Lastly, we’re proud of our ability to develop and nurture young talent through continuous upskilling. We currently have three apprentices on the team and will be recruiting a new apprentice this year, with one of our employees completing their level 4 in house.

Birmingham IT support for national businesses

Want to work alongside a fast-growing team of IT specialists? We operate as a business partner rather than a service provider, meaning we will do everything in our power to keep your IT up and running.

From continual system and network monitoring to advanced cyber security services and VoIP systems, we do it all.

Find out more about our offerings and reach out to our team by calling 01827 909 143 or email

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