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Why Your Business Needs Security Awareness Training

As technology advances, so does the skill of hackers and their risk to your business. Therefore, the need for preventative security awareness training in

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As technology advances, so does the skill of hackers and their risk to your business. Therefore, the need for preventative security awareness training in order to protect your data is ever-growing.

According to the World Economic Forum, 95% of successful cyberattacks are due to human error. This means that every employee is susceptible to cyber security issues and should be individually trained on how to mitigate any attacks or breaches that impact your business.

Cyber-security awareness training is especially needed given the current popularity of remote and hybrid working. Remote working poses more cyber security risks to businesses, as the employee is even more vulnerable to data breaches, as stated by Forbes.

Read on to explore the key benefits of security awareness training and help your business fight cyber-attacks.

As a business, it is your responsibility to look after client data. Therefore, if any cyber-security breaches were to occur, damage to company reputation for client care would pose as much risk as economic damage.

Consequently, customers are likely to lose trust in a company after a data breach and may even terminate their use of your business’ service as a result. Moreover, failure to protect client data can also result in fines and regulatory sanctions, resulting in a PR and economic disaster.

With the right security awareness training, your employees will be highly trained in how to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches, so your business can ensure its clients data remains protected.

2) Financial Protection

Increased financial protection is another key benefit of providing security awareness training to your employees.

The Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2022 declared that the average cost of a cyberattack to a business was nearly $17,000, which is equivalent to £13,500 under the current exchange rate.

By training your employees, this loss becomes easily avoidable – and with cyberattacks increasing in frequency, so much so that 2022 saw a 43% rise in cyberattacks from the previous year, this is becoming increasingly important.

3) Employee Confidence

Security awareness training can provide increased awareness of cyber security risks and best practices, which naturally translates to increased confidence in their ability to protect client data and prevent leaks. This is great for company morale and productivity.

With higher volumes of employees working hybrid or remote, it is increasingly important to ensure employee confidence when it comes to preventing and dealing with cyber security issues and data breaches.

Start Training Your Employees Today…

At Bold IT, we offer bespoke security awareness training packages, which will be tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements.

As part of our training packages, we assess your business externally, exploring what we believe one of your business emails would look like. From this we will create bespoke phishing emails that will appear genuine, mirroring your branding and including team members names.

These simulated phishing emails will then be sent to your whole team on a monthly basis, and those who fail will then be provided with additional training to ensure they understand how to stop future phishing attacks.

We also use vulnerability scans to identify the weakest area of your business’ security and tailor your training based on our findings, increasing the awareness of these weaknesses, and ensuring the right preventative training.

Our courses are quick, easy, and arranged to suit your calendar, allowing your company to continue its usual productivity.

Finally, our training is reinforced with cutting-edge cyber-security managed services. These include constant network monitoring, dark web monitoring, and a cyber essentials consultation.

Working with Bold IT

Here at Bold IT, our services include fully managed IT support services, managed cyber security services, project delivery and VOIP & Broadband.

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of our ethos. We take IT support off the computer screen and into communities, such as your business, helping to streamline your operations with tailored IT solutions and fend off cyber-attacks before they even get a chance to happen.

For more information on securing your company’s data, streamlining your internal process, and improving your business, contact our team of experts. Alternatively, book 60-minute discovery meeting, and get on the road to better IT support.

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