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A Day in the Life of a Support Engineer

Our expert IT technicians get up to a lot during their day-to-day life here at Bold IT. From client calls to large

Support technician speaking to a person on a headset

Our expert IT technicians get up to a lot during their day-to-day life here at Bold IT. From client calls to large data transfers and working both inside and outside the office, no two days are the same for our team.  But there are a few projects you can guarantee come up on our daily to-do lists.

Constant and responsive Business IT Support

When it comes to business IT support, our team is constantly engaging and supporting each of our clients on an individual basis.

No matter the business, losing revenue through technical issues is always a threat. Whether an issue lasts hours or even days, it’s important to prevent any disruption to your business. When a client of ours is in need of IT support and reaches out to us, we can guarantee an initial response time of 90 seconds. Being so quick is something that comes with great experience, alongside our team’s round-the-clock engagement and dedication.

Providing and updating our managed cyber security services

In the modern world, few things are more important to a business than its cyber security. Cyber-attacks, malicious malware, viruses, and phishing are threats that can turn a business upside down, especially in a scenario where sensitive information gets leaked. Because of the importance of cyber security within business IT support, we provide ongoing training as a way of preventing issues at the source.

With human error the cause behind the majority of security issues, it’s clear to see a big part of our prevention methods involves training staff to understand how to use their devices safely. While we handle the bigger issues like dark web monitoring, understanding how to avoid phishing emails or websites hosting viruses is a key first step for everyone we train to ensure a much safer business IT service. You’ll catch our team handling several aspects of cyber security every day.

Organising and delivering large-scale IT projects

Our support engineers understand how daunting it can be to undertake large scale projects like cloud migrations, server redesigns and installations, and managing network infrastructure. Without the right support and knowledge, tasks like these can easily find issues and snowball into something catastrophic, putting businesses on hold for long periods of time in the process.

For our team, however, a large-scale project like this is just another daily task. Specialising in all areas of IT, our team works tirelessly to install new software seamlessly and swiftly. Our team can make large scale changes to your previous systems over the course of a weekend, without preventing businesses from using their systems during any migrations or developments.

Installing and maintaining your VOIP & broadband systems

We all know the power of communication within businesses and how important it is to stay in contact with the people you work with, but outdated systems and telecommunication can be expensive. Finding an effective option shouldn’t always be a huge cost to your business, which is why our expert team will install VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol) systems hassle-free, on site.

Our engineers are experts with our VoIP systems, and regularly install our systems at our clients’ offices to link landlines, laptops, and mobiles together under one system. This gives you the ability to take business calls no matter where you are, helping you to never miss an important call again, and keeping you in the loop without being chained to your desk.

What can our support engineers do for you?

When it comes to our business IT support, we aren’t just another IT company. Our amazing IT experts will go further than your typical business IT support service. For our experts, their biggest daily task is facilitating your business’ success and ensuring your systems are up to scratch no matter the difficulties you’re experiencing.

While we are based in the West Midlands, through our remote services, we are able to provide business IT support across the UK. Discover how Bold IT can support your business needs here.

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