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How to Choose the Right IT Support Plan for Your Business?

Discover our latest blog post on how to choose the right IT Support Plan for your business.

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IT support shouldn’t just serve as a lifeline to support your business, it should work to maximise your business and its growth. Tech support and data management are often at the forefront of what people expect from an IT support company, but it should be providing you with so much more. Regardless of the sector, the number one thing an IT support plan should provide you with is peace of mind.

Why Does My Business Need IT Support?

If you’ve ever had an issue with accessing a file on the cloud or a down server, then you know all too well the need for reliable IT support. In terms of productivity, your business is dependent on having quality support at a moment’s notice.

Tech support is essential for all businesses to operate efficiently, but it’s important to initially assess all your business needs to determine just what you require from your IT support. Your IT support shouldn’t be limited to a specific service, it should be tailored to help get the most out of your business. Attributes such as clear communication, cyber security and bespoke IT services are necessary for your business to flourish.

What Should IT Support Provide?

Some of the most important aspects of reliable IT support service are:

– Clear communication
– Proactive monitoring
– Quick response
– Bespoke support

Clear communication is important as you don’t have time to listen to confusing technical jargon and run a business. Bold IT believes in being direct in addressing any issues and resolutions. While data backup is important, we like to enhance our approach to security by being proactive in catching issues before they become a problem. You also shouldn’t have to wait a long time for a response as minimising downtime and disruptions is crucial in having your business run smoothly. Every business is different and for that reason, your IT solutions should be unique and customised to your specific needs.

What Sectors Use IT Support?

A starting point for choosing the right IT support plan is seeing how other industries utilise IT services. Law firms that handle highly sensitive information rely on IT support to ensure data is protected. As the field of education has had to adapt to incorporating more technology the need to prevent data breaches has never been more of a necessity.  As cyber threats become an unfortunate reality, those who provide financial services rely on IT support to safeguard clients’ information. The manufacturing industry is a sector that can’t afford disruption and is reliant on IT support to safeguard sensitive information such as intellectual property and client information.

Depending on the industry, your business may require a specific area of IT support to be prioritised above others. That’s why not only does your business need IT support customised to meet its needs, but also an understanding of what those needs are.

Types of IT Support and Services

No two organisations are the same, which is why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to IT support. Your business may require an emphasis on backing up data or cyber security. Depending on what you need, Bold IT is here to ensure your IT systems and data are protected.

In many ways your network and server work as the heartbeat of your business. It’s how you stay connected with clients and perform your daily functions. An internal network infrastructure that can help increase internet speeds and is accessible in any area of the office can be a major asset in increasing productivity.

Remote IT support relies on various forms of communication such as phone, email and other online tools. Even if you don’t have an expert present, you will still be supported around the clock. The advantage of remote IT support is that any issues can be resolved at any point of the day and not just during office hours.

When it comes to hardware issues, onsite IT Support can be advantageous. If your business requires somebody to be onsite to take immediate action, this could be the perfect solution for you. Many sectors even have a hybrid of onsite and remote support to have the best of both worlds.

A small company depends on IT support just as much as any large industry. Small business IT Support will prioritise the exact needs of that business whenever required. Bold IT offers economical solutions with no hidden costs to help plan your budget.

How Bold IT Can Help?

Your business isn’t running as efficiently as it should if it’s experiencing frequent technical issues and a lack of responsiveness from your current IT support. Bold IT has decades of experience in providing managed IT support services for a variety of sectors. Managed business IT support plans are crucial for any company to reach its true potential.

Whether your business requires around-the-clock tech support, monitoring business applications, data backup and recovery or cloud solutions, we can provide our bespoke service geared towards what you need. If you want to learn more about how your business can improve its efficiency with our competitively priced services, begin your journey and invest in your company’s security and growth.

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