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How to Decide Between IT Support Onsite or Fully Remote?

The ideal IT support for your business will be different than somebody else’s, so how do you decide between onsite and remote IT support?

Remote IT Support

Quality IT support and services can be provided in different ways. No two
businesses operate the same, nor should IT support. It’s important to prioritise
support based on your company’s needs and priorities. Choosing the right IT
support is more than just maintaining network connectivity. The ideal IT support for
your business will be different than somebody else’s, so how do you decide between
onsite and remote IT support? In this blog, we explore the strengths of each form of
support and how your business can benefit from them.

If your business needs IT support, fully remote or onsite, then book a meeting with a
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Advantages of Having Your IT Support Onsite

Onsite support is valuable to industries that require immediate physical access to
hardware and network servers. While there are remote options to help solve
hardware and network issues, it’s convenient to have somebody on hand who is
familiar with your business and its Local Area Network (LAN) connection. Aspects
such as immediate access, improved communication and reduced downtime are all
advantages to IT support onsite provided by Bold IT.

Immediate Access and Support

The need for immediate support often comes to mind when considering IT options.
It’s beneficial to have somebody onsite to fix issues as they occur. Having access to
physical hardware can make all the difference in how quickly a problem is resolved.
The speed at which a problem is resolved can be the difference between minimal
and severe downtime. While remote support can provide proactive monitoring, it
can take longer for a member of IT support to diagnose a problem when they aren’t
physically present.

Clear Communication from IT Support Onsite

Effective communication is important regardless of the type of IT support. A major
benefit of IT support onsite can be demonstrated in improved communication. An IT
professional can have a better understanding of any challenges faced by users
when they readily have access to communicate with them. This kind of enhanced
collaboration allows for IT support to better strategise what a company needs.

At Bold IT, we believe in jargon-free communication when it comes to managed IT
onsite that is clear and easy to understand. We accomplish this by
performing quarterly business reviews, checking to see if there are any areas of
improvement to better serve your business.

Improved Time Management

While fully remote IT support can still resolve issues, it can lack a certain
convenience. At Bold IT, having our IT support onsite will reduce issues such as
downtime, which will boost employee productivity. This is done by providing a quick
response to any issues that occur.

The primary benefit to quality IT support should always be to provide peace of mind
so you never have to worry about disruptions to your business. Bold IT serves a
variety of sectors such as law firms, education, finance and manufacturing. We
know how valuable time management is to all industries and we strive to ensure
your day-to-day is uninterrupted.

Advantages of Having Your IT Support Remote

Fully remote IT support has its own set of advantages, such as proactive monitoring,
readily available 24/7 expert support and cost-effectiveness. At Bold IT, we pride
ourselves on being able to offer quick responses and solve most issues remotely in
little time. Even when an IT expert isn’t present, you’re still receiving ongoing
support at all hours of the day. When choosing IT support, remote or onsite, it’s
important to focus on deciding what aspects of IT support benefit your business.

Proactive Approach in IT Support Fully Remote

One of the most notable advantages of remote IT support comes in the form of
proactive monitoring systems. Our remote IT support staff specialise in surveying
any possible cyberattacks, often preventing them before they occur. This form of
enhanced security also helps in reducing downtime, keeping your network up and
running at all times.

Available Support Throughout All Hours

A cyberattack or threat to your system can happen at any time of the day. While an
in-house IT expert is great to have, they might not always be available to handle
occurring problems that can arise. This eliminates the delay of waiting for a
technician. Bold IT offers 24/7 support and expert advice, so regardless of the issue
or query, you’re going to have access to expert support at any time of the day.

Cost-Effective Alternative

IT support onsite can be a very valuable resource, but it’s not always practical
depending on the industry. Remote IT support makes for an economical option and
still provides many of the same security features. This can help with balancing the
budget while still receiving bespoke services and support.

The Ideal Solution for IT Support and Services

At Bold IT, we present the ideal solution for IT support and services by having a
hybrid of remote and onsite, combining the positive attributes of both to provide
your business with support during and after hours. You’d be able to receive a quick
onsite personal response with 24/7 proactive monitoring. This way your IT systems
are always covered balancing both cost and efficiency. Learn more about this hybrid
and how it can benefit your business by contacting us and receiving a free

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