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Why Partnering With Managed IT Support Specialists is Valuable For Accountancy Firms

The content in this article has been provided by Aldridge-based Edwards Accountants, who have been utilising our specialist business IT support services

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The content in this article has been provided by Aldridge-based Edwards Accountants, who have been utilising our specialist business IT support services in recent months to enhance their protection of client data as they go through a period of growth.

The world of accountancy is becoming reliant on technology, from remote systems that allow us to provide our accountancy services from any location, to having the most up-to-date software, systems, and knowledge of how to hold customer data securely.

Edwards Accountants are a progressive company in an industry that hasn’t typically been viewed as the most forward-thinking sector, and by utilising the technological expertise of Bold IT, we can continue to build on this progress.

Below we explain how Bold IT have supported our organisation in the past few months and talk about some of the benefits it has brought to our business so far.

The initial focus was on bringing our IT systems in line with where we currently are as a business. We recently underwent a sustained period of growth that has seen our team double in size and there have also been significant changes in how the team works.

As experts in IT cloud solutions, Bold IT were able to develop and enhance our existing remote network that meant we could continue to encourage our team to work remotely but also guarantee to our clients that they would continue to experience the same exceptional standard of service that we deliver on-premises.

The IT experts have also helped us bring our software, security, and data systems in line with the latest technology to provide the most efficient service possible.

Education is the Key When it Comes to Cybersecurity!

One area Bold IT have excelled in is with their managed cyber security services.

As accountants, we handle our client’s personal information and financial data daily. Our clients need to have complete trust that we are looking after that information and have all the best systems and processes in place to maintain this.

What we didn’t know until we worked with Bold IT is that around 95% of cyber security breaches occur because of human error. This could be anything from poor password management to clicking unsecured email links or downloading unauthorised software.

Their team have helped us understand the need for continual education and have worked closely with our team to identify any gaps in our cybersecurity knowledge and help expand that further through staff training and other learning.

This means that not only do we have sufficient systems in place, but the team are confident in their ability to spot the warning signs are when it comes to cyber threats, how to prevent them and limit the risk of leaving data exposed.

These cyber security managed services will also prove valuable as we see more technological advancements around areas such as artificial intelligence where we don’t yet know its full impact.

Remaining Agile to Account for Technological Changes

Our partnership with Bold IT has strengthened our position within the accountancy industry. We are ready to adapt and make the most of any opportunities that come with technological advances or upgrades in the future.

The emergence of artificial intelligence is one area within the sector that we can expect to see more of in the coming years. With the knowledge and expertise of the Bold IT team we can gain a better understanding of its capabilities, identifying how we can use it to streamline our processes and give our accounting experts more time to focus on what they do best – advising our clients.

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