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Proactive vs. Reactive IT Support – What’s the Difference?

IT support comes in different capacities, each tailored for specific applications to benefit business’ security, efficiency and communication.

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There are two main ways support is given – proactive and reactive. In this blog, we’re going to explore proactive IT support – implementing preventative measures before issues arise – and reactive IT support – reacting to IT problems as they happen and providing solutions quickly. But what will work best for your company? Read on to find out.

Proactive IT Support:

You’ve probably heard the phrase – prevention is better than a cure. In essence, that’s what proactive IT support involves, where IT specialists will work with your business to implement key preventative strategies that resolve any threats before they cause damage. Automated processes such as system tracking are the main ways to manage proactive IT support.

Other processes include:

These are just some of the ways your business can be set up with proactive IT support, ultimately preventing all manner of IT and cyber threats, from phishing, malware and viruses to spam, server disruption and downtime in communication.

Reactive IT Support:

While the proactive side holds many benefits, so does reactive IT support, which is your IT company responding to issues as they arise.

Sometimes, IT problems will occur even with proactive measures in place, such as when a server goes down or hardware issues like a faulty printer causes disruption. When these things happen, your staff will contact your IT support team and they will react according to the problem and fix the issue.

This type of IT service does have its benefits, such as the convenience of having someone there ready to resolve issues on the other end of the phone, but often times, businesses will be waiting longer for a resolution and it can be more expensive in the long run, as many IT support providers charge a pay-as-you-go rate.

Which Will Benefit My Business More?

Proactive vs reactive IT support: which will benefit your business more?

It all depends on your business and how much IT support you will need. If you only have a few IT needs then reactive IT support is probably your best option, especially if you know that you can continue with business even in the worse case scenario, such as servers or other systems going down.

However, if you envision significant business downtime and security breaches when IT issues occur, it is best that you go for proactive IT support, with an expert team creating a detailed strategy and preventative measures that help to alleviate pressure on your in-house team when things go wrong.

Unsure of What You Need? Bold IT Can Advise

Managed IT support with Bold IT can keep your business strong and protected against all manner of cyber threats and issues in today’s technological landscape. By getting in touch with our specialists, we can advise you on the right types of support for your business and become your partner in paving the way for success.

Whether reactive support will work best, or you want long-term solutions with proactive IT support, or a mix of both, we are the team you can rely on.

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