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Upcoming Technological Trends in 2023

Technology is developing at an increasingly rapid pace and, as a result, it’s getting more and more difficult to understand for casual

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Technology is developing at an increasingly rapid pace and, as a result, it’s getting more and more difficult to understand for casual users – let alone businesses with large workforces and complex requirements!

As a leading provider of business IT support, it’s crucial that we maintain our reputation as experts by staying ahead of the technological curve. Effective managed IT support needs to incorporate new technologies if they have the potential to benefit businesses, so rest assured that we’ll be the first to understand them.

From the Metaverse to artificial intelligence, read on to find out our predictions for the upcoming technology trends of 2023.

Some of the most revolutionary technologies to have been developed recently are AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and the Metaverse.

2022 has seen the Metaverse go from a technology thought of only as a gimmick or for recreational use, to a legitimate tool for businesses to help better connect virtually. 2023 will likely see more developments to the Metaverse, with more businesses choosing to use it than before, and the evolution of both software and hardware to improve user experience.

For example, the development and distribution of wireless VR headsets has been discussed heavily recently, and the Metaverse is continually releasing new footage from updated builds of the programme.

You may be considering how your business could use the Metaverse, be it in 2023 or further afield, and thinking about the possibilities of this technology in the future.

It already provides a way of virtually connecting with colleagues, business partners, and customers like never before, but could it evolve into even more than that? The pseudo face-to-face contact it provides allows you to build rapport with those most important to you and your business.

Increased usage of cloud computing

There’s no two ways about it – cloud computing is essential for modern businesses. From data backups to password storage and network monitoring, the cloud is an essential component to your business infrastructure and cyber security strategy.

The non-local nature of the cloud means that corrupted hard drives or accidental deletion through human error is no longer crippling for your business. Backups mean that essential information or documents you lose access to are always recoverable and stored off-site for maximum security.

The cloud should always form part of your cyber security strategy, especially as cloud-based password managers, such as ours, can help better secure your accounts through two-factor authentication and secure storage. This is especially important if you have remote workers who rely on external connectivity.

Our outsourced IT support utilises cloud technology to remotely monitor your IT network to locate and neutralise threats before you even know they’re a problem!

Dependence on AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has experienced significant developments over recent years, especially with its usage in revolutionary fields, such as healthcare and agriculture, self-driving cars, chatbots, and gaming.

AI is commonly thought to be a frightening concept. There is a stigma around AI that originates from dystopian science-fiction, which often pictures AI as an entity that makes the human workforce redundant or that desires to overthrow its creators.

This is not the case, especially with the rudimentary AI that is currently available to us today. AI is more of an assistant that can take the tedious tasks away and allow you to focus on the more important tasks that require human attention.

An AI chatbot could easily be utilised on a website to answer repeated questions that a customer assistant may not be needed for, or voice search could be utilised to quicken the search for information.

Birmingham IT support for UK businesses

Keeping up with technology is a huge challenge, which is why Bold IT offer not only managed IT support for when things go wrong, but also consultancy services to help you understand your options.

Our services can help prevent your current technological infrastructure becoming obsolete and support you with getting to grips with the latest technology that has been introduced to your business’ network.

Get in touch with us today – call us on 0121 355 4474 or email for a no obligation chat about your systems or our services.

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