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At Bold IT, We Provide Exceptional Endpoint Detection And Response Services

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service is a cyber security technology and approach that focuses on monitoring and protecting the endpoints of a network.

Endpoints are individual devices connected to a network, such as desktop computers, laptops, servers, smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. EDR security solutions are designed to detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents and threats that may affect these endpoints.
An EDR service will continually monitor endpoints for signs of suspicious or malicious activity and use behavioural analysis and machine learning algorithms to establish a baseline of normal endpoint behaviour – deviations from which trigger alerts for potential security incidents. EDR security solutions detect threats, provide information about those threats or events and provide response capabilities to help organisations to contain and mitigate threats as well as reporting on them providing evidence of security measures. EDR services are essential to modern cyber security strategies – providing rapid threat detection and response to prevent or mitigate cyberattacks.

Signs You Are With The Wrong Company

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  • Lack of Responsiveness

    If your EDR service provider is hard to get hold of and doesn’t respond quickly to your requests or issues, you’re likely to end up with cyberattacks that could be potentially devastating.

  • Frequent Technical Issues

    When things keep going wrong technically, it should send warning bells. Technical problems which your EDR service provider isn’t aware of, able to fix or is just slow to respond to leave your network vulnerable.

  • Hidden Costs

    Unexpected costs are a huge pain, you’ve not planned for them and they throw the budget out. Your EDR services shouldn’t create unnecessary and unexpected additional costs.

  • Lack of Future Planning

    Any IT company worth its salt should be supporting you in planning for the future of your IT systems and the security of your network, data and employees.

  • High Employee Turnover

    If your EDR service provider has a high staff turnover, it becomes impossible to build a relationship with them, or for them to truly understand your business and its needs. It usually points to bigger issues in the company and should trigger warning bells.

  • Unexplained Downtime

    Downtime is incredibly frustrating as it loses you time and potentially income. An EDR services provider needs to have the right systems in place to prevent downtime.

Reasons To Make The Switch To Bold IT

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  • Rapid Responses

    We are proud of the fact that we hold our customer service standards to the highest levels and insist any query is initially responded to super quickly. We know IT issues and EDR security solutions must be quickly responded to. We are always contactable by our partners via email, phone or our client portal.

  • Competitive Pricing

    At Bold IT we believe the EDR services you need should be competitive for the size of your company, and we operate on a per-user, per-month basis to make our pricing the most competitive and scalable as your business grows.

  • Clear Budget Planning

    Our EDR security services are the set price you agree to at the start of the contract. With no additional hidden costs, you can easily manage your budget and plan for your future growth.

  • Personalised Strategies

    We take pleasure in creating personalised strategies to support your Endpoint Detection and Response services to ensure you feel protected for all of your network and devices and we don’t just stop at the plan; we support you in continuing to create strategies for the future.

  • Complete Transparency

    At Bold IT we know techy people can sometimes use jargon that’s hard to understand, so we promise to communicate about your EDR services with complete transparency and clarity so you can feel in control. We also give quarterly reports so you’re always informed about your IT situation.

  • Disaster Recovery Plans

    We’re pretty confident our managed EDR services can help you avoid a disaster, but we also have disaster recovery plans so that if the worst happens, we can get you back on track in the shortest possible time.

Download Our Baseline Employee Cyber Security Assessment

Download a sample Baseline Employee Cyber Security Report to see how we would evaluate your organisation’s current cyber security levels and how the score can be used to determine proper training paths and requirements for your company.

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24/7 Monitoring

Providing infrastructure monitoring to ensure that clients can resolve issues and maintain productivity.

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Industry certifications and partnerships with leading technology providers.

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Disaster Recovery

Offer robust disaster recovery plans and backup solutions to ensure data security and business continuity.

The Many Benefits Of Endpoint Detection And Recovery Services

EDR security solutions offer several significant benefits for organisations looking to enhance their cyber security and protect their endpoints – such as computers, servers and mobile devices from various threats of hackers, viruses and other malware. The key advantages of EDR security are:

Threat Detection and Prevention

EDR security solutions are designed to detect a wide range of threats, identifying suspicious activities and potential security incidents.

Real-time Monitoring

EDR services provide real-time monitoring which allows for a quick response to any security incidents as they occur.

Threat Hunting

EDR services empower security teams to proactively search for threats and vulnerabilities within their network and reduce the amount of time attackers might remain undetected – limiting their potential for damage.

Data Loss Prevention

EDR security solutions can include data loss prevention features to help organisations prevent sensitive data from being leaked or stolen through endpoints.

Adaptive Security

EDR services can adapt to changing threat landscapes and evolving attack techniques, providing long-term protection against emerging threats.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our list of contented clients who have benefited from our EDR security services speaks for itself.

Paul Reid


As a Director of a company with circa 50 employees, changing our IT partner was a big decision and not one that we wanted to have to repeat again. With the reliance on IT systems, the need for continuity of services was at the forefront of our minds. Having met with a fair few companies i have to say that i am 100% sure that i have made the right decision and partnered with a company in Bold IT that are friendly, responsive, proactive and very much forward thinking. The transition has been seamless and communication along the way exceptional. I am confident that Bold IT will help drive us forward as a company and help us achieve what we want to in the future.

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Svenja Keller


Great customer service – very responsive and helpful.
Bold IT provides me with peace of mind – that my IT is secure and that I can access fast and effective support as and when I need it.
A must for every business owner!

.. More
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Loki Hinton-Bowen


Awesome company, they don’t baffle you with technical jargon and communicated exactly what we needed, what we didn’t need and what they advised as optional. Service was quick and tidy and has saved us a tonne of technical issues and headache! Would definitely recommend

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Tom Hamilton


Having recently switched to Boldmere IT from managing our own IT for our practice there are two things that stand out the price and the service.

The price is brilliant and really isn’t huge for the amount that it covers. The service is second to none and when something needs to be done it is done straight away.

From the initial phone call to the onboarding and the day to day use the team at Bold IT are second to none. We are now finding that there are no worries for the IT in the office now as there is someone on hand to help when needed; Jack and the team have been absolutely spot on from the start and long may our business relationship continue!

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Louise Forrester


Bold IT are a fantastic company. They have come to our rescue immediately when we have had major problems and supported us throughout. They are an example of what a good company should be like in terms of professionalism, knowledge and customer service. We would never hesitate to recommend Bold IT to anyone.

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Rachel Partridge


We onboarded with Bold I.T after running into multiple issues with our previous I.T provider.

Even with the lack of a handover, Bold I.Twas able to migrate us into the cloud and has given us incredibly high levels of support ever since.

As a fast-growing, dynamic law firm, we are delighted to have an I.T company that shares our vision and can ensure our growth continues.

Vienna Kang Advocates

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Amanda Hodder


I can honestly say it is a pleasure to work with the team at Bold IT and can confidently say they are an outstanding IT partner. Their professionalism sets them apart, delivering top-notch services with a keen understanding of our business needs. The team at Bold IT go above and beyond, offering unwavering support and guidance. Their responsiveness and helpful attitude make them a valuable asset for any organisation seeking reliable IT solutions.

Bold IT have committed to providing our schools with the very best technology available and ensuring all schools comply and meet the DFE Standards.

I highly recommend Bold IT.

A huge thank you to Steven as you have supported me greatly. I’m actually becoming an IT wiz! Maybe not.

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Have More Questions About Our Endpoint Detection And Response Services?

  • How do you price your EDR security services?

    All of our EDR security services are priced on a per-user, per-month basis, meaning it’s fully scalable for whatever size company you have, and we promise our prices won’t suddenly change or throw up unexpected additional costs. Why don’t you get in touch to find out how much getting our EDR services would cost your business? We can offer a free, no-obligation quote.

  • I already have an EDR security provider – how easy is it to switch to Bold IT?

    It’s very simple! Our expert team are experienced in helping customers switch their EDR security services – in fact, you’ll find the process virtually seamless.

  • What accreditations do you have to offer EDR security solutions?

    We are fully Cloud Solution Providers and Cyber Essentials Plus certified as well as being Azure fully accredited Microsoft 365 partners for all solutions including cloud solutions. We also hold UKAS/ISO 9001 certification, meaning you can rest assured we have the complete knowledge and expertise to offer EDR security solutions and support them for your company.

  • What locations are you able to provide Endpoint Detection and Response Services in?

    We are located in the heart of the country and serve the whole country and beyond with our award-winning, high-quality EDR security solutions.

  • How can I get in touch for a quote and advice?

    There are various ways to get in touch with us for a quote or advice about your EDR security needs. You can fill in our online form, email or talk to us on 0121 366 4474 and remember, we aim to respond rapidly, so you won’t have long to wait!