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At Bold IT, Our Network And Server Installation Services Ensure Your Systems Are Built To Last.

Working with high-performing and reliable networks and servers should be the foundation of any modern business. Being connected to each other, your customers and the wider market is hugely important in unlocking the potential of your organisation.

At Bold IT, our network and server installation services will help your business run more efficiently than ever. We can design and install new servers, which can help your local storage and operations. This is especially helpful if your company works on bespoke industry software. Our network installation service is fast, simple and fits in around you – creating minimum downtime. We’ll set up and install an internal network infrastructure that can boost internet speeds and be accessible from every corner of every office. We also put in place security backups and remotely monitor your systems to fix issues before they become problems.

Signs You Are With The Wrong Company

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  • Lack of Responsiveness

    When using an IT provider to install your network or server, unresponsiveness can severely slow down the process and lead to disruption.

  • Frequent Technical Issues

    If your IT provider is experiencing tech issues, then it’s very hard to trust them to successfully install your network or server.

  • Hidden Costs

    This can make budgeting very difficult as you’ll never be sure how much the job is really going to cost.

  • No Strategic Planning

    A lack of strategy can leave you and your staff feeling frustrated and in the dark as to what’s going to happen next.

  • High Employee Turnover

    If you’re constantly dealing with different engineers during the installation process, it may be hard for them to really know the ins and outs of your business.

  • Unexplained Downtime

    This can cause great disruption for your business – impacting productivity and profit.

Reasons To Make The Switch To Bold IT

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24/7 Monitoring

Providing infrastructure monitoring to ensure that clients can resolve issues and maintain productivity.

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Industry certifications and partnerships with leading technology providers.

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Disaster Recovery

Offer robust disaster recovery plans and backup solutions to ensure data security and business continuity.

Our Networks And Server Installation Services Are Flexible To Suit You

Server Deployments

We can optimise, organise and install on-site servers to help your local storage and operations. As a server installation company, we’re able to make sure your server is working efficiently and is fully capable of performing what you need it to do.

Wireless Networking Options

There are several different wireless networking options which we can install. This generally depends on the size of your business, but we can fully manage whatever system you have. We usually recommend a centralised, cloud-based system which can be monitored and maintained remotely. We can also provide separate networks for your corporation and a separate one for your guests or clients meaning you increase the security of your company’s network.

Structured Cabling Solutions

We’re able to design and install a cabling system that can support multiple uses and will provide your business with a great platform if it goes on to use different hardware in the future. We can advise and recommend the best cabling solutions for your business – as we understand not every system suits everyone. We will plan with your future goals and strategy in mind.

Custom Designs of Systems

Whatever your business needs, we can design our systems to match them. We work with you to fully understand how our network and server installations can help your organisation, before recommending a solution that we believe can have maximum impact.

Expert Installations

With over 30 years of experience in network and server installations, we always believe that we’re the right people for the job. We have a team of highly knowledgeable IT engineers who take great satisfaction in helping a business reach its full potential through the power of technology.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

We’ve helped loads of customers with their server and network installations. Here are a few that are very happy with our award-winning services.

Have More Questions About Our Network And Server Installations?

  • Can you help us to identify a network fault?

    Yes. Not only do we offer network and server installation services, but our support team are always on hand should there be any faults with your systems.

  • Why is a good network cabling installation important for businesses?

    A quality cabling system can keep your network reliable, efficient and secure – meaning you can connect with staff and customers far more effectively. It also will help you plan for the future of your company and expansion.

  • We’re moving to new premises with no network infrastructure – are you able to install this?

    Yes, Bold IT can help you install the network infrastructure you need for your new premises and will offer advice on the right hardware to support it. We offer hardware leasing as an option and whatever your network needs we can support you. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your network server installation today.

  • Can Bold IT design a new business network and server before installing it?

    Yes, we’re happy to design you a new business network and server. We can tailor this to your business needs, to make sure you’re getting the absolute best from your investment. We will also take into account your business’s strategy for the future as we design it.

  • Can you advise on what hardware we will need to future-proof our server installation?

    Every company’s needs will be very varied and the hardware that you need for the present and to future-proof your server installation will also be as unique as your company. This will vary on a case-by-case basis and is also impacted by the long term strategy of the company. Get in touch with a member of our team for bespoke advice for your situation.

  • How much will network installation cost my company?

    This will, again, vary depending on the size and needs of your company. We do recommend hardware leasing as an affordable way to get the whole network and hardware without a vast upfront cost which means that you can benefit from the latest technology and upgrades, while managing your cashflow. Get in touch to discuss the costs of network installation and the possibility of hardware leasing.