IT Support and Services

Onsite IT Support

  • Choose the Personal Approach with Onsite Experts
  • Immediate, Hands-On Assistance
  • Proactive Planning and Issue Prevention
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At Bold IT, We Are By Your Side With Our Onsite IT Support.

Onsite IT Support Services are those provided by an IT expert who is physically present at your business site or location to interact directly with your end-users to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve any IT-related problems. The opposite of remote IT support where the technicians resolve your issues from a remote location by using online communication tools.

Having IT support on site to fix issues, especially hardware-related errors, as well as being able to build stronger relationships with your IT support team, is why many businesses opt for a combination of onsite and remote support to balance cost with efficiency. An onsite IT support expert will be able to fix issues as they arise, without any delay in calling for remote support and explaining the issue over the phone – being physically present helps in the immediate need for IT support.

Signs You Are With The Wrong IT Company

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  • Slow to Respond

    When you have IT issues, questions or requests and your IT support provider takes a long time to respond, it can result in extended periods of downtime for your staff and clients.

  • Regular Technical Problems

    Recurring technical issues that lead to downtime cost the business money, diminish staff morale and raise doubts the business can deliver, damaging the company’s reputation.

  • Hidden Costs

    Unexpected extra expenses you were unable to account for can be annoying and cause the business to lose money. They also make it more difficult to estimate future spending.

  • Inadequate Strategic Planning

    If your IT support provider doesn’t help you with future planning and is more reactive than proactive, you won’t feel supported. Such an important aspect of your business must be handled consistently.

  • High Staff Turnover

    You won’t have the opportunity to establish a rapport, or for your IT support provider to become familiar with your organisation, if they have a high employee turnover rate.

  • Unexplained Downtime

    This is a major annoyance that will aggravate your employees, lead to client disengagement and diminish their faith in your company, potentially damaging your reputation severely.

Reasons To Make The Switch To Bold IT

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  • Support That Responds Quickly

    We take great pride in our ability to respond to clients quickly, whenever you call, addressing technical issues and minimising downtime to ensure your business, big or small, runs smoothly. You can also contact us via our dedicated portal or by email.

  • Effective Communication

    We always speak in clear terms without using jargon or “tech talk” that can be unclear to you, as we know how important it is you comprehend everything. We also give you quarterly reports to keep you updated and to fix any issues identified.

  • Planning Strategically

    To stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future of technology for your business, your clients and future growth, we believe strategic planning is essential.

  • Budget Planning

    We’re clear about the costs of our IT support onsite packages, so you have one budget-friendly monthly cost, with no extra hidden charges, so you can manage the finances of your IT support easily.

  • Complete Transparency

    We are proud of our reputation as being truthful and transparent. You receive exactly what we say. We pledge not to withhold any information from you and to keep you completely informed.

  • Remote Monitoring for Out of Office Support

    With onsite IT support, you may wish for some mixed remote IT monitoring, and we offer this service with rapid response, so your IT systems are always covered.

Acquire The Guide And Supercharge Your Strategic IT Planning

Get a copy of our guide to help your business manage your IT internally and begin to plan the best IT solutions using our downloadable guide – making conscious decisions on how to improve your IT for your business’s future.

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24/7 Monitoring

Providing infrastructure monitoring to ensure that clients can resolve issues and maintain productivity.

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Industry certifications and partnerships with leading technology providers.

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Disaster Recovery

Offer robust disaster recovery plans and backup solutions to ensure data security and business continuity.

We Deliver Our Onsite IT Support To The Highest Standards

Day to Day Help Desk

We are here to assist you and your workers with any IT problems you may be experiencing, day or night. Our ticketing system allows us to keep track of previous issues and guarantees enquiries are answered promptly. Our support staff is amiable, personable and skilled in resolving any of your IT issues, we want to be your IT partners not just your IT support.

Relocation Services

When you have the hassle of relocating your business to a new site, we can take the stress out of moving all your IT hardware, getting everything cabled and reinstalled perfectly so you and your teams can hit the ground running as soon as you’ve unpacked the office furniture and put the coffee machine on.

Onsite and Remote Applications

We offer both remote and onsite IT support to suit your business needs and budget. With the option of a combination, you can find the perfect level of IT support to ensure your systems always remain operational.

Per-User, Per-Month Pricing

This is a great, scalable pricing model where you pay a fee for each individual user, or seat, who is using the software or service and then the fee is assessed monthly. This is a very scalable and affordable way to pay for your IT support as you can easily add users as the company expands in size.

Network Installations

Setting up and configuring computer networks within an organisation or for a specific purpose is our area of expertise. We can set up your interconnected devices from computers, servers, printers and other hardware so they all communicate and share resources for greater business efficiency and security.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

We have a gallery of happy customers who have benefited from our onsite IT support services that have helped them streamline their business and operations for greater gain.

Paul Reid


As a Director of a company with circa 50 employees, changing our IT partner was a big decision and not one that we wanted to have to repeat again. With the reliance on IT systems, the need for continuity of services was at the forefront of our minds. Having met with a fair few companies i have to say that i am 100% sure that i have made the right decision and partnered with a company in Bold IT that are friendly, responsive, proactive and very much forward thinking. The transition has been seamless and communication along the way exceptional. I am confident that Bold IT will help drive us forward as a company and help us achieve what we want to in the future.

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Svenja Keller


Great customer service – very responsive and helpful.
Bold IT provides me with peace of mind – that my IT is secure and that I can access fast and effective support as and when I need it.
A must for every business owner!

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Loki Hinton-Bowen


Awesome company, they don’t baffle you with technical jargon and communicated exactly what we needed, what we didn’t need and what they advised as optional. Service was quick and tidy and has saved us a tonne of technical issues and headache! Would definitely recommend

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Tom Hamilton


Having recently switched to Boldmere IT from managing our own IT for our practice there are two things that stand out the price and the service.

The price is brilliant and really isn’t huge for the amount that it covers. The service is second to none and when something needs to be done it is done straight away.

From the initial phone call to the onboarding and the day to day use the team at Bold IT are second to none. We are now finding that there are no worries for the IT in the office now as there is someone on hand to help when needed; Jack and the team have been absolutely spot on from the start and long may our business relationship continue!

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Louise Forrester


Bold IT are a fantastic company. They have come to our rescue immediately when we have had major problems and supported us throughout. They are an example of what a good company should be like in terms of professionalism, knowledge and customer service. We would never hesitate to recommend Bold IT to anyone.

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Rachel Partridge


We onboarded with Bold I.T after running into multiple issues with our previous I.T provider.

Even with the lack of a handover, Bold I.Twas able to migrate us into the cloud and has given us incredibly high levels of support ever since.

As a fast-growing, dynamic law firm, we are delighted to have an I.T company that shares our vision and can ensure our growth continues.

Vienna Kang Advocates

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Amanda Hodder


I can honestly say it is a pleasure to work with the team at Bold IT and can confidently say they are an outstanding IT partner. Their professionalism sets them apart, delivering top-notch services with a keen understanding of our business needs. The team at Bold IT go above and beyond, offering unwavering support and guidance. Their responsiveness and helpful attitude make them a valuable asset for any organisation seeking reliable IT solutions.

Bold IT have committed to providing our schools with the very best technology available and ensuring all schools comply and meet the DFE Standards.

I highly recommend Bold IT.

A huge thank you to Steven as you have supported me greatly. I’m actually becoming an IT wiz! Maybe not.

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Have More Questions About Our Onsite IT Support Services?

  • What is on-site IT support?

    IT support services that involve a physical presence within your premises of an IT technician, whether stationed or visiting, to resolve issues with a hands-on approach. Typical issues that benefit from this support include hardware problems, software installation, network setup, security updates, personalised support and training and more. Book a meeting to find out more.

  • How do you price your on-site IT support services?

    Our IT support price structure is based on a straightforward and transparent model. We utilise a per-user, per-month pricing structure, meaning you only pay for the number of people in your business who require IT support. This monthly rate covers all essential IT support services needed to keep your business running smoothly.

  • I already have an IT provider – how easy is it to switch to Bold IT?

    Switching to Bold IT is a seamless process. Our expert team has extensive experience in transitioning businesses from their existing IT providers, handling the entire migration process, from evaluating your current IT infrastructure to planning and executing the switch, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

  • What accreditations do you have as an onsite IT support provider?

    We are certified Cloud Solution Providers and hold UKAS/ISO 9001 and the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, and as Azure Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions Microsoft 365 partners, our team has all the accreditations from Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools and cloud services, enabling us to provide reliable and cutting-edge IT support.

  • How do on-site IT support services differ from remote services?

    On-site IT support involves physical presence by our technicians at your business location, allowing for hands-on troubleshooting, hardware maintenance and personalised assistance. It’s ideal for tasks like hardware installation, network setup and immediate issue resolution. In contrast, remote IT support is provided via communication tools and software.