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At Bold IT, We Want You To Focus On What Matters. Our Fully Managed IT Support Services Make Every Day Simple.

Whatever the focus of your enterprise, your IT support in Worcester needs to be as dynamic, flexible and fast-moving as your business. If your current IT setup is holding you back, it might be time to talk to the experts at Bold IT.

With over 30 years of expertise, we bring bespoke IT support to Worcester businesses, with a big focus on clear communication, proactive monitoring and cost-effective plans. We understand the challenges and opportunities that IT systems bring to businesses, and our managed IT support is designed to seamlessly support your daily operations, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Read on for our unique approach to IT or get in touch with us to chat with us about your needs.

Motivations To Switch Your IT Support Company

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  • Neglected IT Support

    Is your current IT support company in Worcester more absent than active? All too often we hear the same story, you’re promised the world by your IT company and then they fail to deliver on almost all of their promises. Sound familiar? It might be time to consider switching provider.

  • Limited Expertise

    Does your current IT provider have the right team and enough time to stay up to date with all the latest developments in the IT world? Lagging expertise and out-of-date practices can leave your business falling behind. Trust your IT to a company that takes continuous learning seriously.

  • Hidden Fees

    We are very proud of our transparent pricing and clear, upfront communication about costs, but it’s really not rocket science. Trust your IT support in Worcester to a company that doesn’t play havoc with your budgeting by charging extra for services that really should be all part of the service.

  • Incompatible With Your Business Goals

    Your IT support partner should be actively ensuring that they’re supporting your business’ goals and growth. If they’re doing nothing – or worse, actually being detrimental to your progress – it’s time for a change. We ensure we do, and that’s why we’re the best for IT support in Worcester.

  • Compliance Concerns 

    Being complaint with privacy and data laws is non-negotiable in today’s digital-first world. If your IT support company isn’t ensuring your data is safe and your systems impenetrable, the risks to your business are huge. We understand compliance, and we know how to keep you safe against an ever-evolving barrage of cyber-attacks.

  • Performance Issues

    If your networks and systems experience regular slowdowns or downtime, it’s another sign that you may have the wrong IT partner. At Bold IT, we’re dedicated to delivering high-performance IT support, proactively monitoring your IT system to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages Of Choosing Our Managed IT Support Services

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  • Proactive Support

    Our team is always on hand to offer effective, expert support when you need it most. You can reach them any time via our dedicated rapid response portal, or via email and phone.

  • Tailoring IT Solutions

    Too many IT companies promise the world and deliver little – let alone bespoke support that is moulded around your goals. Bold IT offer the best IT support in Worcester precisely because we tailor our services to your needs, with input from you and regular communication to ensure we’re always pulling in the same direction.

  • Professional Strategy Planning

    Part of our service is, of course, day to day issue resolution – we wouldn’t be much of an IT support partner if we didn’t. But we also delve deep into your enterprise, ensuring we fully understand your setup, allowing us to proactively create strategies for the future. It’s as good as having your own world-class, in-house IT support team.

  • Innovative Problem Solving

    Nothing stays still for long in the increasingly crowded and competitive online world, which is why we bring innovative problem solving to the table, staying ahead of technology trends and offering the latest solutions. We’re committed to keeping your business secure and competitive in the dynamic digital landscape.

  • Educational Initiatives

    Our comprehensive services extend to educating your team on the cybersecurity measures and new technology. We go beyond the basics, ensuring your workforce is well-versed in defending against cyber threats and proficient in using any new software. This commitment fosters a collaborative and security-conscious approach, safeguarding your business from evolving digital risks.

  • Cyber Security Measures

    Cyber security has never been more important or more difficult to keep up with – it’s one of the best reasons to partner with our Worcester IT support service that can dedicate itself full-time to staying on top of the issue. As certified experts in Cyber Essentials Plus and UKAS/ISOQAR 9001, we’re qualified to keep you safe.

World-Class Managed IT Support In Worcester: Transform Your Approach Today

Whether you’re coming to us from a previous IT support company or looking to partner with a managed IT support company for the very first time, we know it’s a big decision for your business. We’ve put together this in-depth guide designed to explain what we can do for you and why we’re the very best IT support Worcester has. You can download it below. If you’d prefer to chat to us directly, please book a meeting with us.

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24/7 Monitoring

Providing infrastructure monitoring to ensure that clients can resolve issues and maintain productivity.

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Industry certifications and partnerships with leading technology providers.

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Disaster Recovery

Offer robust disaster recovery plans and backup solutions to ensure data security and business continuity.

The Benefits Of Our Managed IT Support In Worcester

We cannot stress how much of an impact a proficient, dedicated and highly experienced IT support company can have on your business – but here are just some of our success stories. Here are a few reasons to trust our award-winning, certified services.

Daily Helpdesk Support and Ticketing

There will always be day-to-day issues with computers in businesses, which is why our responsive helpdesk will always be available to provide immediate assistance to you and your employees when IT issues crop up. With our efficient ticketing system, every query small and large is promptly addressed, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Proactive System Monitoring

Getting ahead of potential issues should be standard with any IT service provider, though it’s sadly not the case. But at Bold IT, our proactive system monitoring identifies and resolves issues before they escalate, safeguarding business opportunity and significantly tackling downtime incidents.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Every three months, we assess your entire IT infrastructure to ensure it continually adapts to align with your evolving business needs. These reviews help us adapt our services and allow us to report back to you on any potential issues or improvements that may be appearing on the horizon.

Tech as a Service

Embrace the latest technology without the upfront costs. Our tech as a service option offers leasing options for staying at the cutting edge of the digital revolution. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses in Worcester looking to stay agile and competitive in an ever-shifting market.

Data Backup and Recovery

In the digital-first world, data is a priceless asset for any business. With our data backup and recovery services, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your critical data is always secure, fully backed up and recoverable in the event of unforeseen disruptions.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

We’ve provided high-quality, award-winning managed IT support services to lots of happy customers. Here’s what a few of them had to say about working with us.

Paul Reid


As a Director of a company with circa 50 employees, changing our IT partner was a big decision and not one that we wanted to have to repeat again. With the reliance on IT systems, the need for continuity of services was at the forefront of our minds. Having met with a fair few companies i have to say that i am 100% sure that i have made the right decision and partnered with a company in Bold IT that are friendly, responsive, proactive and very much forward thinking. The transition has been seamless and communication along the way exceptional. I am confident that Bold IT will help drive us forward as a company and help us achieve what we want to in the future.

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Svenja Keller


Great customer service – very responsive and helpful.
Bold IT provides me with peace of mind – that my IT is secure and that I can access fast and effective support as and when I need it.
A must for every business owner!

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Loki Hinton-Bowen


Awesome company, they don’t baffle you with technical jargon and communicated exactly what we needed, what we didn’t need and what they advised as optional. Service was quick and tidy and has saved us a tonne of technical issues and headache! Would definitely recommend

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Tom Hamilton


Having recently switched to Boldmere IT from managing our own IT for our practice there are two things that stand out the price and the service.

The price is brilliant and really isn’t huge for the amount that it covers. The service is second to none and when something needs to be done it is done straight away.

From the initial phone call to the onboarding and the day to day use the team at Bold IT are second to none. We are now finding that there are no worries for the IT in the office now as there is someone on hand to help when needed; Jack and the team have been absolutely spot on from the start and long may our business relationship continue!

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Louise Forrester


Bold IT are a fantastic company. They have come to our rescue immediately when we have had major problems and supported us throughout. They are an example of what a good company should be like in terms of professionalism, knowledge and customer service. We would never hesitate to recommend Bold IT to anyone.

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Rachel Partridge


We onboarded with Bold I.T after running into multiple issues with our previous I.T provider.

Even with the lack of a handover, Bold I.Twas able to migrate us into the cloud and has given us incredibly high levels of support ever since.

As a fast-growing, dynamic law firm, we are delighted to have an I.T company that shares our vision and can ensure our growth continues.

Vienna Kang Advocates

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Amanda Hodder


I can honestly say it is a pleasure to work with the team at Bold IT and can confidently say they are an outstanding IT partner. Their professionalism sets them apart, delivering top-notch services with a keen understanding of our business needs. The team at Bold IT go above and beyond, offering unwavering support and guidance. Their responsiveness and helpful attitude make them a valuable asset for any organisation seeking reliable IT solutions.

Bold IT have committed to providing our schools with the very best technology available and ensuring all schools comply and meet the DFE Standards.

I highly recommend Bold IT.

A huge thank you to Steven as you have supported me greatly. I’m actually becoming an IT wiz! Maybe not.

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Serving Varied Sectors In Worcester

Bold IT is committed to delivering exceptional IT support in Worcester, moulded to the specific requirements of businesses in various sectors. From dynamic law firms to innovative educational institutions, from detail-oriented finance service providers to cutting-edge manufacturers, our comprehensive IT support services are designed to meet your IT challenges.

Law Firms

Law firms handle extremely sensitive data on a daily basis – keeping it secure is critical. We provide specialised IT support that protects confidentiality and is fully compliant with legal industry standards. Our focus is on robust and failsafe IT, allowing you to concentrate on your clients, confident that their data is protected.

Finance Service Providers

Finance service providers face the challenges of managing sensitive data while maintaining strict regulatory standards. Our comprehensive IT support will ensure your systems meet all compliance requirements. We implement advanced and evolving security measures to protect your data, protecting the trust and integrity that is vital in this sector.


The manufacturing sector is increasingly reliant on cutting edge tech for operational efficiency. Our IT support services are tailored to minimise downtime and maximise productivity, ensuring manufacturers benefit from the latest technological advancements and robust cybersecurity measures. We’re always aiming to further enhance the efficiency of your manufacturing.


Educational institutions depend on robust and reliable IT for effective teaching and seamless administration. We offer our customised IT support, helping to enhance the learning experience and safeguarding sensitive student and staff data. Our solutions are designed to support the evolving needs of modern education, ensuring a safe and productive learning environment.

Worcester IT Support | Frequently Asked Questions

Changing your IT support company in Worcester is daunting – as is hiring one for the first time – so we completely understand you’ll have questions about our expert advice. There are more answers in our comprehensive brochure, but some of the most common queries about our services are answered here.

  • How can managed IT services enhance the security of my business data?

    Our sole focus is on your IT ecosystem, so we have the time, experience and resources to stay up to date with the very latest cybersecurity measures. We use robust firewalls, anti-malware solutions and perform regular security audits, to keep your data protected against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

  • What type of IT infrastructure do you specialise in for businesses in Worcester?

    Our expertise covers a range of IT infrastructures, from cloud-based systems to on-premises networks. We specialise in custom solutions that fit with your specific business requirements, whether it’s upgrading legacy systems or integrating the latest technology.

  • How quickly can your team respond to IT issues or emergencies?

    We understand that every minute counts, so we aim to start resolving critical issues within minutes of your notifying us. A large proportion of day-to-day issues can be solved over the phone too, but should a visit be necessary, our team is primed for rapid deployment, ensuring minimal downtime.

  • What level of customer support can we expect from you outside of regular business hours?

    IT system issues can affect your business at any time, so we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our dedicated team is always on hand to ensure that your business enjoys continuous and uninterrupted IT support, and any IT company that doesn’t offer this is asleep on the job.

  • How can managed IT services help improve the efficiency and productivity of my business?

    Using our managed IT support in Worcester means your business can expect a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. We streamline your IT operations, automate routine tasks and ensure a reliable, up to date IT infrastructure. Our proactive approach allows you and your team to focus on core business activities without IT-related distractions.

  • How flexible are your service plans to accommodate specific needs and budget constraints?

    We wouldn’t be able to offer the best IT support in Worcester if our service plans weren’t highly flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs and budgetary considerations of your business. All our solutions are scalable too, so as your business grows, the support we provide can grow too, ensuring you never have too little support.